Is It Worth Cleaning Your Carpets Yourself Or Spending A Little More For Professional Cleaning?

Cleaning carpets is a tricky business. Over the years a lot of stuff builds up on the surface and fibers of your carpets. Allergens, grime, and mold burrow into your carpet. You can try cleaning it by yourself. There are a lot of Do-it-yourself tips online which suggest you use baking soda before you vacuum or use vinegar and warm water to remove tough stains. 

These tips do work to some extent but at the end of the day, there are cleaning procedures that professionals provide that you just can’t do by yourself. They have the necessary knowledge and skills to clean your carpet thoroughly and without the risk of destroying it because their methods are tried and tested.

Pros and Cons of DIY Cleaners 

Deciding whether or not to clean your carpets or hire a professional cleaning service is a complicated question, as there are several factors to consider. 

The pros: 

Saves you money.  

Professional cleaners can be on the pricey side. The average cost to get your carpets cleaned is $200. If you don’t have extra money to spend, finding a way to clean your carpets is ideal. 

Reduces the risk of exposure to harmful chemicals.  

Heavy-duty chemicals are used to ensure your carpet is cleaned thoroughly. These chemicals might not always be good for you, that's why the professionals wear masks during the cleaning process. 

The satisfaction of taking care of the issue yourself.  

Nothing beats knowing that you accomplished something by yourself without anyone’s help. 

The cons: 

Mishandling of cleaning products. 

Since you aren’t a professional carpet cleaner, you don’t know the exact ratio of water to cleaning products. You might end up using too little or too much which could lead to either not cleaning your carpet properly or dousing it with so many chemicals that it stiffens up. 

Damaging your carpet.

Some chemicals are so strong that they tend to break down the fibers of your carpet. Not knowing the exact effects of chemicals you pour into your carpet could lead to damaging it beyond repair. 

Forfeiting warranty privileges.

Carpet manufacturers have a set of guidelines you need to follow for them to continue serving you as a customer. One of them would be if you were to make a return or exchange, your carpet must be in a presentable condition and needs to have at least undergone professional cleaning. 


Pros and Cons of Professional Cleaners 

The pros of hiring professional cleaners include: 

Saves time.  

If you’re a busy person who can’t spend the whole day trying to figure out how to clean your carpet yourself, it’s best to hire a professional to do it, especially if the area you are cleaning is very large. 

Highly skilled cleaning technicians.  

You aren’t only paying for the expensive equipment. You’re also paying for the skillset and knowledge professional carpet cleaners have. 

Full-service facilities.  

Some carpets are too stained or require too much work that they cannot be cleaned on-site. Professionals have facilities that can accommodate a variety of tasks and types of cleaning. 

Cons of Professional Cleaners: 

High price for professional cleaning services.  

As mentioned above, professional cleaners can charge a lot of money. Costs ten to build up with the use of high-grade chemicals and equipment. 

Scheduling conflicts.  

Professional cleaners are high in demand and might take some time to find a time where you both are free. 

Is it better to hire a professional cleaner or do it yourself? 

As with everything, there are pros and cons. The decision is ultimately yours. If you’re willing to risk the warranty on your carpet because you know you can handle the chemicals properly and not damage your carpet, then the DIY route is for you. If you have extra money to spend and would prefer to have someone else do it to know that it will be done exactly right, then hiring professional cleaners is what you should do.