1884 saw the height of witnesses reporting the sighting of a ghostly woman in black at the Cheltenham residence. Neighbours and visitors to the house added to the list of people who observed this tall, unknown lady. On most occasions each reported that the woman was solid, so therefore everything had seemed normal. When Myers asked the key question, ‘what made you think she was a ghost and not someone living?’ he received essentially the same answer, ‘when she just disappeared into thin air before my eyes’.

Ghosts are not just for Christmas

Halloween has always been associated historically with the thinning of the energetic barrier between worlds and the most opportune time for supernatural activity, however Christmas and Easter also have pagan roots too. The multi-billion dollar Hollywood industry has reinforced a morbid fascination and encouraged us to be afraid of spirits. Perhaps why Halloween still grabs …

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Titanic Captain’s Haunted Mirror Being Auctioned in England

The Titanic is a tragic tale that has been told numerous times. Books have been written on the subject and even films have made their way into our homes. However, the story of the Titanic never seems to be forgotten. Haunted Mirror Owned By Titanic's Captain Credit: While the movie Titanic was made big …

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